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  • Sharon Delaney McCloud

This new reality we're all living has disrupted our lives as we know it. People's health at risk, schools closed, millions of people working remotely, businesses closing and so many other actions forcing us to stop our normal routines. As humans, we're wired for self-protection and isolating our families at home is now the new norm. But it can be really challenging to go against the grain of our society's typical busy, chaotic schedules.

For me, that's the truth. I don't sit still well. Ever. I've learned over the years that life likes to stretch our capacity. You've certainly heard the only constant we can count on is change. This week, one of my professional speaker colleagues, Dave Rendall, sent out a challenge to all of us who normally speak from stages doing keynotes and TED Talks to instead do a BEDTalk, the #BEDTalkChallenge. Take a look at my BEDTalk below and then let's share how you will #EmbraceThePause and approach our current situations differently.

Share how you'll #EmbraceThePause. Below are some photos of what we're doing at my house. Tag me on Insta @sharondelaneymccloud. I'd love to see your pics.

  • Sharon Delaney McCloud

While I didn't workout on this podcast in the traditional sense, Linda Mitchell and I certainly worked our hearts and minds. Linda is a wonderful motivator, entrepreneur and inspiration to every women she meets.

As you can see in her photo, Linda is a fitness professional, graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, award-winning fitness competitor, author, and motivator with a passion for helping women discover the power of the Sisterhood of S.W.E.A.T. (Strong Women Empowering Achieving Together). But the headline here is Linda is 55 years old!! What?? Obviously, age is no excuse for not taking care of your body.

Linda is the real deal. She holds over a dozen fitness- and nutrition-related certifications and has many decades of experience working in the fitness industry. In total, Linda has helped her clients lose thousands of pounds of unwanted weight, but more importantly, she has also helped those clients feel more confident in their own skin and feel happier with who they are.

That's where I come in. Not the fitness part but about building resilience in the face of adversity and using grit and gratitude to face life's many challenges. Linda invited me to be a guest on her popular podcast. Check out the episode below and be prepared for some deep, vulnerable conversation.


Are you finding it hard to stay strong?  Have you been losing hope?  In this episode, we discuss how grace, god, and grit can get you through almost anything in your life. Sharon has struggled through child loss, cancer and other adversities in her life, and she continues to keep moving forward and making the world better.

In this episode I talk with Sharon Delaney McCloud, Emmy Award-winning journalist, cancer survivor, and bereaved mother, joins us to discuss her personal experiences using grit and gratitude to face any of the adversity in her life. We discuss the journey she went through with her daughter, finding your own resilience, balancing your professional with your personal life. This conversation goes deep and we don’t hold back, so be prepared for some tears, but this is a very inspiring conversation to help you find your own grit.

Read more at https://sisterhodofsweat.libsyn.com/#uDHpJqF6ets4qwBJ.

Questions Linda asked:

- Can you give people a background on who you are?

- How did you pick yourself up and keep going?

- What are your top tips for speaking to bereaved parents?

- Linda gives words of advice to get into a workout routine.

- Can you give us 10 tips for resilience?

- Where can listeners get the download, and connect with you?

Topics Discussed:

- Experiencing Ireland

- Eating Meat Free

- Raising a child while working in journalism

- Dealing with child illness and child loss.

- Childhood Leukemia.

- Overcoming negative circumstances.

- Doing a TED Talk on talking to bereaved parents.

- Facing loss in your life.

- Tips for resilience.

- Read more at https://sisterhodofsweat.libsyn.com/#uDHpJqF6ets4qwBJ.

Quotes from the show:

“I take my grief and throw myself into all things with tenacity.” @SharonDMcCloud @SisterhoodSweat

“I took that courage Macy taught me, and started my own company.” @SharonDMcCloud @SisterhoodSweat

“Face everything with bravery.” @SharonDMcCloud @SisterhoodSweat

“We can’t just lay down and not face reality. We have a son who needs his parents back.” @SharonDMcCloud @SisterhoodSweat

“There is no word for a parent who loses a child.” @SharonDMcCloud @SisterhoodSweat

How you can stay in touch with Sharon Delaney McCloud:



Sharon’s book: https://amzn.to/2KULTKQ Read more at https://sisterhodofsweat.libsyn.com/#uDHpJqF6ets4qwBJ.99

  • Sharon Delaney McCloud

As I moved from downward dog to warrior to the tree pose at a yoga class recently, the twinges and pulls in my left upper arm again reminded me what I have been through over the last three years.

Nothing prepares you to hear the words, “You have cancer.” That was confirmation of my fears after a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies revealed I had “abnormal” findings. In other words, the “Big C.” It all started in April 2016 when I felt a lump in my armpit while showering. I thought (and prayed) it was just an infected bump from razor burn. One call to my OBGYN and they had me in the office within 24 hours to see my doctor. I was due to have my mammogram within the next few weeks anyway, but my physician expedited everything on my behalf.

The result?

Invasive ductal carcinoma, and it had already spread to my lymph nodes. That’s what the lump was in my armpit. How could this have happened? I never missed a mammogram since turning 40. But, as I now know, it wasn’t enough. Like 40% - 50% of women in the United States, I had dense breasts. That can make it tricky to see growths in mammograms. Fortunately, we live in a region where we have access to some of the best medical and technological advances available today. Enter 3D mammograms, now widely available. 3D mammography, also known as tomosynthesis, is the biggest breakthrough in breast cancer detection in 30 years. With an increased cancer detection rate, it is superior to conventional 2D mammography with hardly any difference in the screening process. While the 2D mammogram takes x-ray images from the side, the 3D takes multiple images of the breast in slices, allowing the radiologist to examine the breast, layer by layer. Because more of the breast can be reviewed, it reduces the risk for call backs.

I was stunned when seeing my 2D mammogram side by side with the 3D mammogram. I had three malignant tumors in my left breast, one nearly an inch wide. In the 2D image, you couldn’t see them at all because my breast tissue was so dense. But in the 3D image, they lit up like a Christmas tree. The 3D mammogram saved my life.

I underwent 5 months of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, two months of daily radiation and a 13-month clinical trial testing a chemotherapy drug that I hope will deter my breast cancer from returning. I often wonder if I had a 3D mammogram the year before, if the tumors could have been spotted sooner and I wouldn’t have had such intense treatments.

So, here’s your chance to be be the CEO of your health. Please take action and make sure you are doing the following things:

1. Do monthly breast self exams. For how-to’s, click here.

2. See your OBGYN your annual exam.

3. Ask your OBGYN if you have dense breasts.

4. Ask about getting a 3D mammogram. If they say no, push back.

5. Remind your friends, sisters, moms and the men in your life to do the same.

Do you feel empowered? Get on it! Be the CEO of your health today.