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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

This new reality we're all living has disrupted our lives as we know it. People's health at risk, schools closed, millions of people working remotely, businesses closing and so many other actions forcing us to stop our normal routines. As humans, we're wired for self-protection and isolating our families at home is now the new norm. But it can be really challenging to go against the grain of our society's typical busy, chaotic schedules.

For me, that's the truth. I don't sit still well. Ever. I've learned over the years that life likes to stretch our capacity. You've certainly heard the only constant we can count on is change. This week, one of my professional speaker colleagues, Dave Rendall, sent out a challenge to all of us who normally speak from stages doing keynotes and TED Talks to instead do a BEDTalk, the #BEDTalkChallenge. Take a look at my BEDTalk below and then let's share how you will #EmbraceThePause and approach our current situations differently.

Share how you'll #EmbraceThePause. Below are some photos of what we're doing at my house. Tag me on Insta @sharondelaneymccloud. I'd love to see your pics.

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