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Rock Your Next Talk On Camera: Scripting & Presentation Best Practices

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Okay, let's be honest. Is this how you feel when getting ready to present virtually?


If you HATE watching yourself on video, I've got just what you need because today's hybrid world requires most of us to be ON CAMERA for work presentations and meetings.

And it's not going away. The pandemic has taught us that not every meeting has to be in person. With that new efficiency in mind, YOU are now a broadcaster.

If you're like most people, you hate watching yourself on video. But what if you could learn how to present virtually like a pro?

🗓 Join me and BIGVU this Tuesday, June 14th at noon EST to learn tips and tricks so you shine on your next virtual presentation. I spent 25 years as a television news anchor and host and I'll be giving you ALL the goods so you can rock your next talk on screen.

In this workshop, you will learn: ✅ How to grab your audiences' attention with powerful messaging ✅ How to prepare a script like the pros to use with a TelePrompter ✅ How your body language and vocal delivery affect your performance ✅ Plus, what to wear on camera so you look your best

Can't wait to see you. Here's the link: See you on Tuesday! #OnCameraTips #RockYourNextTalk #VirtualPresentationTips #Broadcasting

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