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Do you shudder every time you see yourself on video?

The reality is everyone needs to get used to the idea of virtual meetings, presentations and interviews. Our new normal in most professions requires that we include virtual options.

So, let's get better at being on camera.

In the micro-videos below, you'll learn four set-up tips that I use everyday in my work as a professional speaker, trainer, coach and corporate communications practitioner. I'll show you the easy ways to level up your home or office "studio" based on the 25 years I spent as an Emmy Award-winning broadcaster. Be sure to click on the speaker to hear the audio.

Bonus: Check out the Virtual Presenter Tip Sheet here. Download your own copy and keep it handy so you look like a pro next time you turn on that camera.

Okay, let's be honest. Is this how you feel when getting ready to present virtually?


If you HATE watching yourself on video, I've got just what you need because today's hybrid world requires most of us to be ON CAMERA for work presentations and meetings.

And it's not going away. The pandemic has taught us that not every meeting has to be in person. With that new efficiency in mind, YOU are now a broadcaster.

If you're like most people, you hate watching yourself on video. But what if you could learn how to present virtually like a pro?

🗓 Join me and BIGVU this Tuesday, June 14th at noon EST to learn tips and tricks so you shine on your next virtual presentation. I spent 25 years as a television news anchor and host and I'll be giving you ALL the goods so you can rock your next talk on screen.

In this workshop, you will learn: ✅ How to grab your audiences' attention with powerful messaging ✅ How to prepare a script like the pros to use with a TelePrompter ✅ How your body language and vocal delivery affect your performance ✅ Plus, what to wear on camera so you look your best

Can't wait to see you. Here's the link: See you on Tuesday! #OnCameraTips #RockYourNextTalk #VirtualPresentationTips #Broadcasting

Everyone experiences difficult moments that can sometimes cripple you. Whether it’s a business deal gone wrong, loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or any disruption in our normal life routine.

There’s certainly no doubt that the past two years have challenged you in different ways. From the lockdowns to losing family and friends to Covid 19, loss of jobs, entrepreneurs closing down their businesses and many more. Loss of any kind can cause us to feel conflicted between carrying out our daily routines or pausing to grieve and deal with our emotions.

As much as you may want to compartmentalize and push through your day-to-day at work and beyond, grief takes its toll. It’s with this in mind that I've partnered with

MICHELLE O'CONNOR who's on a mission to create a platform to support people through challenging times. Michelle lost her Mom in January of this year to cancer. Losing a loved one is already challenging, add to that the pandemic where some of us are not able to come together as we use to. As an entrepreneur she felt stuck for about a month and wasn’t sure which direction to go in. While she is still on the journey of managing her grief, she decided to put together this conference that can help you as she also gains wisdom through this transitional part of her life.

I invite you to join us on Thursday, April 14th for the Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Conference. You'll learn new ways to move through life's unexpected plot twists from grief experts Becky Sansbury, Dora Carpenter, Zander Sprague, Sherrie Dunlevy Inspirationista and Steve Sewell.

I am inviting you as my personal guest. Click HERE to grab your complimentary access!

P.S. I am looking forward to having you and yes, you can bring a friend to The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur Conference! These are some areas that will be covered:

● Why do we grieve anyway?

● Coping with transitions in life

● How to choose positive pathways

● The Difference between mourning and grieving

● Practical Resilience for Tough Times

● Are You Ready to "Graduate" from Your Grief?

● How to welcome healing through listening, encouragement, and empowering insights.

● How to build resilience among teams during these turbulent times.

Looking forward to seeing you! Sharon