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Have a Voice, Not Merely a Seat at the Table:
Powerful Strategies to Amplify Your Impact


In group settings, men are 75% more likely to speak up than women. And when a woman does speak up, it's statistically probable that her male counterparts will either interrupt her or speak over her. What does this mean? It means, even in the professional world today, if you're not ready to fight to be heard through ally-building strategies, your potential could be silenced. In this engaging, actionable session, Sharon will share strategies and tactics to amplify your voice figuratively (and literally) and hone your message to make certain that your voice is heard - so that you truly have a voice, and not just a seat, at the table.  Available handout.



Ways to amplify your voice, both figuratively and literally

Message development tactics to strengthen your communication

Understanding how body language and vocal delivery affect your overall communication

Build Your Resilience in Times of Constant

Challenge: A Playbook for Today's Times

In these challenging times when our physical, mental and social well-being are tested continuously, it's crucial that we build a culture of resilience.  In this compelling narrative, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Sharon Delaney McCloud presents an inspirational and actionable playbook that audiences can begin using right away in their professional and personal lives. Sharon co-authored a book based on this keynote, Keep Going, Memoirs of Strength, Courage & Perseverance. 

10 steps to build resilience in the workplace and at home
A deeper understanding of how to use grit and gratitude to overcome negative circumstances
A different way to approach integrating your professional and personal responsibilities that align with who you are


Build Your Executive Presence &
Personal Brand

As an established executive, aiming to grow your influence, thought leadership and business acumen require a growth mindset that leads to transformational breakthroughs. Aligning mindshare with the ability to command a room is the DNA of executive presence. In this high-energy, interactive keynote, Sharon teaches the three key elements to build your executive presence and personal brand so you can make an impact on your professional and personal life.


Actionable strategies to build your executive presence

Learn why gravitas, communication, and appearance matter in today's business climate

About useful technology hacks to help you continue working on your communication skills 
LinkedIn Thought Leadership - Why It Matters
LinkedIn All-Star Status

Communicate with Confidence & Impact:
The Power Skill You Need Now

In  age where the spoken word is quickly being replaced by digital conversations, it's crucial to develop strong communication and presentation skills to make your mark.​ Communicating effectively is one of the most powerful tools any professional can have. The way you speak to someone one-on-one and in front of a group sets the foundation for how people perceive you. Do they take you seriously? Do you command their attention? Or does your vocal inflection or body language turn them off? Learn how to communicate with confidence and impact from Emmy Award-winning journalist and business owner Sharon Delaney McCloud.



Ways to create powerful messaging, whether it's an elevator speech or keynote address

How body language and vocal delivery affect communication

Steps to continue practicing techniques learned

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TEDx Talk -  Give Vilomahs a Voice


In December 2019, Sharon Delaney McCloud gave the talk of her life at TEDx Cary Women in front of a sold-out crowd of 400 people. As a mother and advocate, Sharon shared her experience giving a voice to vilomahs everywhere.

She built her career telling other people's stories. But that path took a sharp turn when her daughter was diagnosed with cancer and Sharon's family embarked on the fight of their lives to save their little girl. 

Since then, Sharon started sharing her own story about grit, gratitude, and grace, even under the most crushing circumstances like the death of a child. And what she has discovered is that human connection can not only breathe life into the deepest grief but can also uncover joy.


In this inspirational talk, audiences will learn about the Vilomah Voice, a playbook on how to speak to bereaved parents that provides healing and comfort even in the most awkward and difficult situations.


Getting the attention of today's consumers is a greater challenge in a world where traditional media is becoming more digital. Learn how to connect in real-time with your customers using livestreaming in a strategic, professional way that amplifies the brands' content and engagement. See how organizations like UNC Healthcare, the Library of Congress and conferences target and begin conversations with prospective customers using livestreaming, presented by Emmy Award-winning television anchor and producer Sharon Delaney McCloud.​



Frameworks to produce your own Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, Linkedin Live broadcast

Distribution strategies to reach your audience(s)

How to measure the livestream's performance & optimize for future broadcasts


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